Year 9 Photoworks workshop

On Wednesday 18th January, 25 year 9 students participated in an inspiring and exciting photographic workshop where they were asked to reimagine their future.

By asking a series of thought-provoking questions Photoworks, working in collaboration with Lindsey Smith (Photographic Artist), encouraged the students to explore ideas creatively and challenge perceptions to create innovative photographic art pieces.

If we believe that the future is made from fragments of the past, which parts must we keep for the future? How can we create change and adapt? Who is responsible for the future? How can artists help visualise a better tomorrow?

Students worked with cameras on phones to create “phone sculptures” and then went onto to explore DSLR cameras in a studio setting to create “letters to their future selves”. This was a valuable and enriching experience for all those involved.

Organisation – Developing a healthy sleep routines

As part of our PM Mentor schedule, this week’s focus is on improving our sleep routines.

Research shows that teenagers who have approximately 8-10 hours of sleep every night have an improved physical and mental health. Our students have spent time this week discussing the impact sleep has on mood, attitude and concentration levels and we have concluded that sleep is keep to success and happiness!

To find out more about how to set up, and stick to healthy routines for sleep, please take a look at the leaflets here; there is one for parents/carers and one for teenagers. More information can be found on the Teen Sleep Hub’s website: Home – Teen Sleep Hub

Oriel View Winter 2022

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