Course Full Title: A Level Geography

Exam Board: AQA

Specification Code: 7037

Why Study Geography?

Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future” – Michael Palin

There has never been a better or more important time to study A level Geography. Dealing with vital issues such as climate change, migration, environmental degradation, social issues and natural hazards, A level Geography is one of the most relevant subjects you could choose to study. Students enjoy the scope of the material they cover in geography, the insights it can provide into the world around us and the highly contemporary nature of the issues it tackles.

What will I study over the two years?

Geography will excite your mind, challenge perceptions and stimulate your investigative and analytical skills. Geography provides access to Russell group universities and Geography graduates find employment easily compared to other subjects (source Careers Advisor Sussex University).
Physical geography includes, Water & Carbon, Coasts and Hazards. Human geography includes Global systems & global governance, Changing places and Population and the environment.

What makes a good A Level Geography student?

A good geography student has an enquiring and open mind and is aware of issues worldwide, not just in the UK. You need to be able to debate issues such as migration and think about them from political and social perspectives. Your opinion is important, but you also need to think about debates from someone else’s perspective. Reading newspapers and articles to keep your subject knowledge up to date is vital. A basic grasp of maths is required and the ability to interpret graphs and analyse them is fundamental, along with basic maps skills. There is a lot of information and new vocabulary to learn, so you’ll need a good memory!

Where could studying Geography take me?

Geography is a highly respected academic A level. As well as Geography-based degrees it can support a wide range of other studies such as Biology, Business Studies and Economics.

What are the entrance requirements?

  • Grade 5 or above in Geography
  • 5 or more grades 5-9; including equivalents across at least 5 subjects
  • Maths and English Language Grade 4 or above
  • Average GCSE GRADE of at least 4.0 (average of ALL GCSE full courses taken)

If you have any questions about our Geography A Level please chat with your Geography teacher or email Ms Glentworth We would be very happy to answer any questions