Sixth Form Admissions

The majority of students progress from Oriel’s Year 11 into Sixth Form. However, you don’t need to live in the catchment area or even to have been to Oriel High School to join our popular and supportive Sixth Form and every year we welcome students from other Crawley schools and from further afield.  If you have any questions you would like to find out more about the school, then feel free to speak to Mrs Denman, Head of Sixth Form, and she will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Sixth Form Admissions criteria:

  • 5 or more grades 4-9; including equivalents across at least 4 subjects
  • Maths and English Language Grade 4 or above
  • Average GCSE GRADE of at least 3.5 (average of ALL GCSE full courses taken)

Entry Requirements for A Level courses

  • 5 or more grades 5-9; including equivalents across at least 5 subjects
  • Maths and English Language Grade 4 or above
  • Average GCSE GRADE of at least 4
  • Maths and Science subjects require average GCSE grade of at least 4.75
  • Subject specific requirements available from subject teams at our Open Evening and in the course information on the website.

We encourage all A Level Scientists who are not studying A Level Maths to take CORE Maths; this should be a fourth option.
Other students are also welcome to add this as a fourth subject

Students wishing to study a fourth subject that is not Further Maths or an enhancement will need a strong academic profile including 5x Grade 8 at GCSE.

Students have the option to add the EPQ to their profile in the second year providing their academic progress is strong in year one.

Sixth Form Open Evening

Our Sixth Form Open Evening took place on Thursday 6th October 2022


Applications are now closed.

We may be able to accept late applications in August after GCSE results are published.

Please email on or after 24th August if you wish to make a post-results application.

To view our Course Information, click here

Please also visit our Welcome to Sixth Form page for further information and a Virtual Experience of Sixth Form

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