Extra Curricular Activities

There are lots of good reasons why students should get involved in after school activities.

Students gave these reasons for participating as their top ten:

  1. they are fun (and usually free!!)
  2. learn new skills
  3. discover new talents and interests
  4. work with teachers in a different way
  5. have help to catch up on work they didn’t understand in class
  6. can lead to extra qualifications and certificates.
  7. learn at their own speed and in their own way
  8. make new friends
  9. become self confident
  10. open up new career options.

Below is a list of the after school activities offered at Oriel High School this half-term. Some activities are designed to support the curriculum, such as Homework clubs and lesson specific catch-up. Some activities are extra-curricular and are there to provide the additional experience of taking part in a fun and interesting activity with other students outside of normal lessons. Some of these activities will run all year, some just this half term, so do check here regularly for updates.

The Drama department also offer opportunities for students to take part in a range of extra-curricular activities, for example theatre trips, whole school productions, Drama club and supported study after school hours.
Many students take every opportunity they can to perform!

View our latest clubs information: