Staff Vacancies


Oriel High School is a high performing school in Crawley with a strong focus on our four core values, Creativity, Achievement, Respect, Excellence.

Standards are continually improving but we strive to do even better. We welcome applications from motivated and committed individuals to join our cooperative and enthusiastic staff. Parents regard for our staff is also high. Feedback from Parent’s evenings over the past year have recorded a 99% approval rating that teaching at Oriel is good.


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Cultural Fit

If you are a prospective candidate, please read our Cultural fit document.  If you feel that after reading the document that you are a firm candidate for a role here then please apply.

Policies and Notices

What Ofsted said

Pupils and staff get on extremely well; we saw them chatting happily together in lessons and around the school. Pupils value and take care of their learning environment. – Ofsted, 2019