Safety Information for Visitors

We hope that your visit will be enjoyable, informative and safe.

Please help us by reading and complying with the guidance below, which is intended to ensure your health and safety whilst at Oriel High School. If you have any questions after reading this, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff to help you.


All visitors and contractors coming into the school must report to Reception. After signing in you will be given a visitors’ badge which you must wear during your visit.

If you are working unsupervised with students, you will already have been asked to produce your DBS certificate or details thereof prior to your visit. On the day you will need photographic proof of identification, i.e. employer ID or driving licence. Without this you may not be granted access.

You must sign in on each occasion you visit the school. Please sign out at main reception at the end of your visit and return the visitor lanyard and badge.


Visitors are prohibited from taking photographs whilst on the school site.

Fire & Evacuation

Your host will explain what to do in the case of emergencies and fire alarms.

The alarm is a continuous bell. You must leave the building by the nearest exit.

Stay with your host as they will escort you to the assembly point and ensure that you are recorded present by the administration staff.

The assembly point is the 3G Astroturf pitch outside the sports hall (see school map).

Do not take any personal risks.

You must not re-enter the building until told it is safe to do so.

First Aid

If you need first aid or feel unwell please go to the first aid room (main reception)  or telephone Reception (ext 2001).

Health & Safety

Contractors must ensure that they are fully conversant with the safety rules and regulations to be observed by contractors working on site.

As a visitor to our school it is essential that you follow any health and safety guidelines that may apply. By doing so, you will assist us in meeting the requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974.


Oriel High School operates a no smoking/vaping policy. Please do not smoke/vape anywhere on the school site.

Safeguarding Guidance for Visitors to the School

Adults visiting or working on the school site play an important part in the life of the school. You can play a part in keeping students safe whilst working at, or visiting, the school by observing the following guidelines:

  • Do not initiate verbal or physical contact with students unless it is appropriate and a part of the agreed reason for your visit.
  • Do not give any personal information to students, such as your mobile number or address. Do not provide students with your personal email address, and only provide your professional work email if it is necessary as part of the reason for your visit.
  • Do not give students details of your personal social network accounts or engage in any communication with students using social networking sites.
  • If you have any concerns that a student may be at risk of harm, report it immediately to the senior designated person for child protection (Mr Mark Harrison) who can be contacted via the main school office. Do not discuss your concerns with the student, and do not carry out an investigation.
  • If a student makes a disclosure to you, do not promise confidentiality. Explain that you will need to talk to someone else. Inform the designated senior person for child protection (Mr Mark Harrison) of your concerns immediately.

For further guidance, the school’s child protection policy can be found on the school website here Policies – Oriel High School

Thank you for helping to keep Oriel High School safe.