Support In The Sixth Form
“You are treated with a high level of respect and personal responsibility at Oriel Sixth Form- which brilliantly teaches us the skill of independence whilst having support when needed.” – Amelia, Year 13 student

At Oriel High School we are proud of the fantastic support offered to our Sixth Form students.

Throughout their 7-year journey with us from Year 7 to Year 11 and then into the Sixth Form, from enrolment in Year 12 to results day in Year 13, the support that each and every student receives is both extensive but also personally tailored.

We aim to maximise students’ development during their time in the Sixth Form to build independence and effectiveness; offering excellent academic experiences, challenge and support; a wealth of extra-curricular opportunities from employability skills, to sport, to trips; and the chance to contribute to the lives of others as the most senior students in our community.

The type and amount of support that is both needed and available of course varies from student to student but we feel passionately that all students must receive the necessary support to help them achieve their potential.

Each student is part of a tutor group.These tutor groups are Year group specific (Year 12 or Year 13). Registration occurs at 1:25pm on designated days and will sometimes consist of whole group activities but also includes regular 1:1 time for students with their personal tutor. Our Sixth Form tutors provide guidance, support and encouragement, track and monitor academic and personal progress and will advise regarding applications to Higher Education, or employers. The Oriel Sixth Form Personal Development programme provides a sense of identity and community for our students and is wide in its scope; covering study and life skills, health and personal safety, moral, spiritual and cultural development alongside integrity and citizenship.

The Oriel Sixth Form Office operates an open-door policy and staff are available at all times during the day. The team includes; the Head, Deputy and Assistant Heads of Sixth Form but also a dedicated Student Support Officer and Careers Advisor.

Careers and Progression/Pathway planning is of upmost importance for us and our provision includes extensive preparation for university, apprenticeships or gaining employment. Our Careers Leader aims to maximise the number of opportunities our students have to visit and have contact with workplaces and education institutions; aiming to provide insight, ideas and inspiration for our sixth form students. All students take part in Work Experience in Year 12.

We want every student to make the most of their Sixth Form experience at Oriel High School and therefore communication between families and the Sixth Form is crucial. The Sixth Form office can be contacted by email or telephone 01293 880366.

We also have a dedicated Sixth Form app that we use to keep students (and parents/carers) up to date with breaking news; stories to celebrate and opportunities that arise in school that might interest students.

Support for Parents

We are delighted to be able to share these fantastic resources to help parents start guiding their teens in thinking what they might want to do next, including university and apprenticeship applications, how to revise, work experience and settling into the new school year. Download the monthly newsletter and all back copies here

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