Sports Day 2023

Oriel Sports Day 2023 will be held on Thursday the 22nd of June, at K2 Leisure Centre, with a start time of 8:10am and a finish time of 2:40pm. Further details can be found in the programme below.

Eco-Schools Green Flag Award

The Eco-Group at Oriel High School has been working really hard to complete their application to become an Eco-School.

Being an Eco-School is the perfect way to acknowledge, reward and celebrate the ecological achievements of young people.

It demonstrates that their hard work is appreciated, and it provides them with the confidence and motivation to continue actively engaging with environmental issues now and throughout their lifetimes.

The group has begun to tackle this by looking at environmental issues such as climate change, biodiversity, litter and plastic pollution. The students completed a whole school audit on what Oriel High School is doing well to reduce its footprint on this earth and raised the profile of the work the students have been doing by producing posters to display around the school.

Students with Eco-Schools Flag

The posters are designed to brighten up the school garden with vibrant artwork and continue to encourage others to save water by using reusable water bottles, and recycling their litter around the school.

Eco-Group received some great feedback from the Eco-Schools team, which demonstrates the hard work the group has shown.

Eco-School Team, said: “This shows you have a confident Eco-Committee dedicated to maximizing their impacts. We like how active your Eco-Committee was in communicating their Eco-Schools activity school-wide, including assemblies, communicating with the SLT, using your Eco Board, posting on social media and the use of the mentor board.

“Your Eco-board especially is incredibly visual and engaging and promotes your work in a very attractive way. This is really strong informing and involving and shows how valued and embedded the Eco-Schools programme is in your school.’’

The students’ posters

The group’s work does not stop there. Over the coming weeks, the group aims to deliver assemblies to share ideas outlined in its action plan as well as to create flower beds around the school grounds.

The group will also be leading a community litter pick and heading out into the Oriel Garden to plant some seasonal veg.

Eco-Schools is a charity that is passionate about engaging young people in environmental education and action. The charity provides a simple, seven-step framework that guides, empowers and motivates pupils to drive change and improve environmental awareness in their school, local community, and beyond.

Sussex Schools County Cup Winners

Oriel High School U16 Boys’ football team contested the final of the Sussex Schools’ FA County Cup against Tanbridge House School on April 21. The team won the game by 6-0, which earned them the trophy.  Well done to the staff and entire squad of players.  This is their second county title, a fantastic achievement. #OrielPE

Open Evenings 2023

Our Open Evening dates for 2023 are:

Thursday 21st September – Open Evening

Thursday 12th October  – Sixth Form Open Evening

Timings will follow shortly.

We look forward to meeting you!

Year 9 Photoworks workshop

On Wednesday 18th January, 25 year 9 students participated in an inspiring and exciting photographic workshop where they were asked to reimagine their future.

By asking a series of thought-provoking questions Photoworks, working in collaboration with Lindsey Smith (Photographic Artist), encouraged the students to explore ideas creatively and challenge perceptions to create innovative photographic art pieces.

If we believe that the future is made from fragments of the past, which parts must we keep for the future? How can we create change and adapt? Who is responsible for the future? How can artists help visualise a better tomorrow?

Students worked with cameras on phones to create “phone sculptures” and then went onto to explore DSLR cameras in a studio setting to create “letters to their future selves”. This was a valuable and enriching experience for all those involved.

Organisation – Developing a healthy sleep routines

As part of our PM Mentor schedule, this week’s focus is on improving our sleep routines.

Research shows that teenagers who have approximately 8-10 hours of sleep every night have an improved physical and mental health. Our students have spent time this week discussing the impact sleep has on mood, attitude and concentration levels and we have concluded that sleep is keep to success and happiness!

To find out more about how to set up, and stick to healthy routines for sleep, please take a look at the leaflets here; there is one for parents/carers and one for teenagers. More information can be found on the Teen Sleep Hub’s website: Home – Teen Sleep Hub

Oriel View Winter 2022

See below for the Winter Edition of the Oriel View.

Previous editions can be found on out Newsletters page

GCSE Art trip to Wakehurst

Team Y10 GCSE Art had a fab trip to Wakehurst Place last week to explore seed pods! From the amazing seed bank, seeing their huge variety, shapes & sizes to then having the chance to draw the seeds in beautiful microscopic detail this was a real Art meets Science experience.

Below is a review by one of our students:

On Monday 20th November, we went on a trip to Wakehurst to explore seed pods. We started our trip in the seed bank learning about the seeds and why we need to keep them safe. For example, 97% of wildflowers fields have been cut down! As well as learning what they form and how we use them today.

Throughout the enormous room there were many dried seed pods that we could look at and hold, even the world’s largest seed (coco de mer) and the smallest (the orchids) it was fascinating how seeds could come in so many shapes and sizes. It’s nice to focus on the science behind what we draw as well as what it looks like.

Next, we learned about varieties of palm and eucalyptus trees from Australia whilst on a rock trail. It was amazing to see some trees that seemed to be growing out of the rocks. Due to the rain the wood looked like chocolate! The leaves on the trail looked like something out of a fairy tale with a rich palette of vibrant tertiary colours.

Once we arrived at our next stop, we selected a seed in one of the petri dishes and sketched it in fine liner – I chose dandelion seeds. Next, we put our dish under a microscope, and I saw the dandelion seeds in so much more detail. It was crazy how to the naked eye the line may look straight but in reality; it actually has a lot of texture. All in all, it was a fabulous and informative experience.

Sweeney Todd – School Production 2022

Oriel High School Creative Arts Faculty is excited to open ticket sales for our production of Sweeney Todd.

It has become an annual tradition to hold our whole school musical, and we are back with a bang and ready to stage our most ambitious performance to date.

Starring students from across all key stages both onstage,backstage and in the orchestra , Sweeney Todd is a Victorian tale of a barber, Benjamin Barker, who is framed for a murder he did not commit, and who plots a murderous revenge. The story takes an even more bizarre twist when he and Mrs Lovett, his neighbour who runs a pie shop, form a grisly plan to turn the bodies Sweeney creates into the much heralded fillings in her products !

It promises to be a great show with the cast and crew and orchestra having been working hard since the beginning of the year. We know how much the students value having parents and friends in the audience so please come along and support us all if you can.

Ticket purchases can be made via Parent mail, in cash, or by calling the school and purchasing tickets over the phone.