Sixth Form Code of Conduct

As a member of the 6th form you agree to:

1. Prioritise your 6th form studies as your main, full time occupation for the duration of your course.


Attending all lessons; prep sessions; assemblies and tutorials; Completing independent work to your full ability; meeting deadlines and seeking support in advance of these should you have a challenge with the work set; Attending additional study opportunities to support your progress as directed by the Head of Sixth Form; Managing outside commitments so that they do not detrimentally affect your chances of academic success; Ensuring you are available for all dates in term time; holiday absences will not be authorised*; Agreeing to work no more than 16 hours per week in paid employment or volunteering during term time.

2. Represent the school in a positive manner at all times.


Building positive professional relationships with staff; Acting as a role model for students in Years 7-11; Dressing appropriately for the school environment in smart/casual attire; Wearing your 6th form ID lanyard visibly at all times; Support members of our community’s right to be free from discrimination, victimisation or harassment on the grounds of gender; racial, national or ethnic origin; religion or belief; disability; age; sexual orientation; or social background. Please do not smoke on or near the school site. You must not bring alcohol onto the site, nor must you attend Sixth Form having recently consumed alcohol or under the influence of other substances. The Sixth Form code aims to support all students and enable them to fulfil their potential. Extensive support is made available where a student is finding Sixth Form life challenging. However, students who fail to follow the Sixth Form Code or are failing to commit academically may be withdrawn from their courses.

*Exceptional absence will be authorised when evidence is provided of: practical driving test; orthodontist appointment; hospital appointment; family emergency.

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