Further Mathematics

Course Full Title: A Level Further Mathematics

Exam Board: Edexcel

Specification Code: 9FM0

Why study Further Mathematics?

Further Maths offers the chance to study additional areas of mathematics that provide a new and rich challenge to those with a passion for Mathematics. It will give you the opportunity to broaden and deepen your knowledge and understanding beyond the standard A Level. It also makes the transition to mathematically rich degree courses, such as Engineering, the Sciences, Computing and Finance, much smoother. Taking just an AS in Further Maths is a common choice and is recommend for many STEM courses, not only because of the introduction to topics such as matrices and complex numbers, but because it helps distinguish you from other students in your field. The course also ties together several apparently disparate ideas and exposes common themes and ideas that link them together over the course. The Statistics and Mechanics modules overlap with areas of Physics A Level and some humanities courses.

What is the course structure?

A Level Further Mathematics course at Oriel consists of four units:

  • Further Core Mathematics 1 – 1.5 hour written exam – 75 marks – 25% of A Level
  • Further Core Mathematics 2 – 1.5 hour written exam – 75 marks – 25% of A Level
  • Further Statistics – 1.5 hour written exam – 75 marks – 25% of A Level
  • Further Mechanics – 1.5 hour written exam – 75 marks – 25% of A Level
    (You will have the chance to sit the AS paper at the end of Year 12 which only has a single core paper)

How will I be assessed?

A range of homework tasks and assessments will be used during the course to ensure success in the final examination. You will have independent tasks which you will mark and we will check, assessed end of topic homework tasks and Key Assessments throughout the course to check your understanding and give you areas for development. Lessons involve exploring and discussing ideas with your classmates and teachers and these will also allow us to ascertain your understanding.

What are the entrance requirements?

  • Grade 8 or above in Maths (students with Grade 7 will be considered on a case by case basis)
  • 5 or more grades 5-9; including equivalents across at least 5 subjects 
  • English Language Grade 5 or above
  • 2 x Grade 6 or above in Science
  • Average GCSE GRADE of at least 4.75 (average of ALL GCSE full courses taken).
  • Further Maths can only be studied alongside Maths

If you have any questions about our Maths A Level courses please chat with your Maths teacher or email Mr Marriott smarriott@oriel.w-sussex.sch.uk We would be very happy to answer any questions