Food Science & Nutrition

Course Full Title: WJEC Level 3 Applied Certificate in Food Science and Nutrition

Exam Board: Eduqas

Specification Code: 601/4553/5

Why study Level 3 Certificate in Food Science and Nutrition?

An understanding of food science and nutrition is relevant to many industries and job roles. Care providers and nutritionists in hospitals use this knowledge, as do sports coaches and fitness instructors. Hotels and restaurants, food manufacturers and government agencies also use this understanding to develop menus, food products and policies that that support healthy eating initiatives. Many employment opportunities within the field of food science and nutrition are available to graduates.

This is an Applied General qualification. This means it is designed to support learners progressing to university. It is designed for those wanting to pursue careers or learning in related areas such as the food industry production.

By studying for this certificate alongside other relevant qualifications at Level 3 e.g., GCE Biology, Physical Education, Sociology, you will gain the required knowledge to use the qualification to support entry to higher education courses.

What will I study over the two years?

This qualification will enable you to demonstrate an understanding of the science of food safety, nutrition and nutritional needs in a wide range of contexts, and through on–going practical sessions, to gain practical skills to produce quality food items to meet the needs of individuals. It has been designed to offer exciting, interesting experiences through applied learning, i.e., through the acquisition of knowledge and understanding in purposeful, work-related contexts, linked to the food production industry.

What skills will I develop? Careers with Level 3 Certificate in Food Science and Nutrition You will build on and extend your practical food preparation skills plus each unit within the qualification has an applied purpose which acts as a focus for the learning in the unit. The applied purpose demands authentic work-related learning in each of the available units. It also requires you to consider how the use and application of your learning impacts on yourself, other individuals, employers, society and the environment. The applied purpose will also enable you to learn in such a way that you develop: skills required for independent learning and development skills to ensure your own dietary health and wellbeing a range of generic and transferable skills the ability to solve problems the skills of project based research, development and presentation the ability to apply mathematical and ICT skills the fundamental ability to work alongside other professionals, in a professional environment the ability to apply learning in vocational contexts.

The WJEC Level 3 Certificate in Food Science and Nutrition is assessed using a combination of internal and external assessment. Learners who follow this qualification will study one unit. Assessment is a combination of internal and external assessment components. The relative weighting of the internal and external components at 50% each.

What makes a good candidate for the course?

A good candidate should have a passion for food, cooking, the science behind the sources and function of ingredients, the food industry, as well as a desire to deepen knowledge related to all aspects of nutrition. You will need to be able to work independently to undertake significant research and as part of a team. Most importantly a good candidate should have a real desire to extend and develop their food knowledge both inside and outside of the classroom.

Where could Food Science and Nutrition take me?

By studying for this certificate, you will gain the required knowledge to use the qualification to support many career options as well as entry to higher education courses such as: BSc Human Nutrition BSc (Hons) Public Health Nutrition BSc (Hons) Food Science and Technology.

What are the entrance requirements?
  • 5 or more grades 4-9; including equivalents across at least 4 subjects
  • Maths, English Language and Science/PE/Sports studies at grade 4 or above
  • Average GCSE Grade of at least 3.5 (average of ALL GCSE full courses taken)

If you have any questions about our Food courses, please email Miss Dresser, who would be very happy to answer any questions.