Parents Evenings

Parents Evening System

Welcome to our online parents evening booking system, you will be able to login if you are the primary contact on our records. If you are the second contact you will be unable to login and bookings will need to be made through the primary contacts.  Some FAQs are answered below but if you are having difficulty with the system please e-mail our helpdesk at

To access Parents Evening System click here – you can also access from our ‘Quick Links’ menu at the top of the page.

Having problems?

“My child has the same teacher for different subjects”

You will need to book an appointment for each subject you wish to discuss with this teacher, as a single appointment will not provide enough time to discuss both.

“The site says ‘Evening Locked’ when I login”

A ‘go live’ date and time will have been published in the e-mail or letter you received to inform you of the Parents’ evening. Bookings can only be made after the stated time.

There is also a closing date and time after which you will be unable to make or amend bookings. This allows us time to ensure teaching staff are aware of their appointments.

“It wont allow me to book appointments back to back”

It has been setup to force a five minute gap between appointments. This gives you an opportunity to get from one appointment to the next and provide a small buffer for over-running appointments.

Dates 2023/24

5th October 2023Year 11
9th November 2023Year 13
11th January 2024Year 12
8th February 2024Year 13
29th February 2024Year 11
14th March 2024Year 9
25th April 2024Year 10
16th May 2024Year 7
13th June 2024Year 8