Teaching Staff

Mrs C Denman –

A level Law (OCR)

This engaging course has been developed to inspire, nurture and develop learners. It will foster their interest and enjoyment in law. The qualification is designed to develop knowledge and skills for the further study of law, and related subjects, such as business.

Learners will develop their knowledge of the law in England, and an awareness of law in a European and global context. The course will enable learners to know and understand the changing nature of law and the interaction between law, morals, justice and society.

The curriculum will develop their knowledge and understanding of the English legal system and areas of both private and public law within the law of England and Wales

  • develop an understanding of legal method and reasoning as used by lawyers and the judiciary
  • develop and apply the techniques of legal method and reasoning to analyse and offer answers to problems, based on legal principles, legislation and case law
  • develop the ability to construct conclusions and communicate legal arguments by reference to appropriate legal authorities
  • develop the ability to communicate persuasive legal arguments by reference to appropriate legal authorities
  • be able to demonstrate critical awareness of the influence and operation of the law in society.

Overview of the course

Paper OnePaper TwoPaper Three
The legal system and criminal lawLaw makingThe nature of law
- Civil courts and other forms
of dispute resolution
- Criminal courts and lay people
- Legal personnel
- Access to justice
- Parliamentary law making
- Delegated legislation
- Statutory Interpretation
- Judicial Precedent
- Law Reform
- European union Law
- Introduction to the nature of law
- Law and morality
- Law and justice
- Law and society
Criminal LawThe law of tortThe law of contract
- Rules and theory
- Criminal liability
- Fatal offences against the
- Non-fatal offences against
the person
- Offences against property
- Mental capacity defences
- General defences
- Preliminary offences
- Evaluation
- Rules and theory
- Liability in negligence
- Occupiers’ liability
- Torts connected to land
- Vicarious liability
- Defences
- Remedies
- Evaluation
- Rules and theory
- Formation
- Terms
- Vitiating factors
- Discharge
- Remedies
- Evaluation

Extracurricular and Supercurricular opportunities will be embedded across the 2 year experience to help students experience the subject in the real world;  this will always include a visit to Parliament in Year One of the course and the chance to experience a court in action.