Staff Feedback

Oriel is proud to have over 145 staff employed at the school. In our 2016 inspection report it was commented that “staff morale was high”.

In July 2019 we surveyed all our staff with a new survey covering many aspects of working in our school. A snapshot of answers is below.

  • 92% of staff felt that their  work gives me a sense of personal accomplishment
  • 100% of staff were interested in their work
  • 89% of staff said that they had a clear understanding of the schools objectives
  • 92% of staff are proud to tell others that they are part of Oriel High School
  • 84% of staff would recommend Oriel as a great place to work
  • 94% of staff felt trusted to carry out their job effectively
  • 91% of staff have really good friendships at work
  • 88% of staff feel that Oriel High School respects individual differences (e.g. culture, working styles, backgrounds, ideas, etc.)