Personal Development Curriculum

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Subject Overview

PDC is taught to all year groups once a fortnight and to the sixth form through the mentor time programme. Students cover the areas of citizenship (including democracy, government, how laws are made and fundamental British values) , personal health and wellbeing, relationships and sex education, financial capability and economic wellbeing.

The main topics covered include:

Year 7: Respect (both on and offline), healthy relationships, my body (including puberty and body image), and changing families.

Year 8: Crime and the law (including financial crime), Real Love Rocks and UK politics.

Year 9: Drugs education, relationships and sex education, and diversity and community.

Year 10: My health, money matters and managing risk .

Year 11: Mental and emotional health, respect and relationships, and my body (including self-examination and sexual health).

Curriculum Guidance

New guidance has been published by the Department for Education making both relationships and sex education and health education statutory for all secondary schools in the UK from September 2020. Oriel High School will be working as Early Adopters with the aim of implementing this from September 2019. Please see the document below if you would like further information about these changes:

If you have any questions regarding the planning or delivery of any aspect of the PDC course, or about the new curriculum changes, please do not hesitate to get in touch at the following email address: