‘Virtual’ Sports Day 2020

It’s ‘Virtual’ Sports Day (week)!

In the absence of Sports Day at K2 this year, we’ve organised a ‘Virtual’ Sports Day taking place over the next four days.

All students in Year 7-13 are invited to take part and compete for their Learning Community (previous/assigned Learning Community in the case of Year 12 and 13) in up to eight of the running, jumping, throwing and ‘fun’ events that are part of the competition.

The competition programme, with all of the information that students will need to know to take part, including descriptions of each of the events, how scoring works, and how to submit their results is attached to this message; please open it as soon as you have finished reading this message! Video examples of PE Department staff completing each of the events have also been posted on the @oriel_pe Instagram account this morning and uploaded to the Central Resource Library, here: 


So whether you’re competing for Asia, yet to secure their first win, but getting closer all the time, Americas, attempting to win their fourth title and first since the double of the Freeman era in ’15 and ’16, for Africa (reigning champions and recent dominant force), or for Australasia (the first ever winners, and early years powerhouse) both locked on six wins each and vying to claim that they’re the outright kings and queens of Sports Day, you can have your say and influence the result.

Here is the link to the Results Entry Form, also included in the programme: 


Videos of the Heads of Learning Communities encouraging you to participate have been posted on the @oriel_pe Instagram account; please answer their call, get involved, and help your Learning Community to win the ‘Virtual’ Sports Day trophy, because as always, participation is the key to success!

We would like to see and share photos and videos of you completing the events over the next four days, so please photograph and film your performances and send them in to @oriel_pe on Instagram or email them to Mr Ashley rashley@oriel.w-sussex.sch.uk.

#GoodLuck #SportsDay 2020 #LetTheGamesBegin #WhoWillWin?