Sweeney Todd – School Production 2022

Oriel High School Creative Arts Faculty is excited to open ticket sales for our production of Sweeney Todd.

It has become an annual tradition to hold our whole school musical, and we are back with a bang and ready to stage our most ambitious performance to date.

Starring students from across all key stages both onstage,backstage and in the orchestra , Sweeney Todd is a Victorian tale of a barber, Benjamin Barker, who is framed for a murder he did not commit, and who plots a murderous revenge. The story takes an even more bizarre twist when he and Mrs Lovett, his neighbour who runs a pie shop, form a grisly plan to turn the bodies Sweeney creates into the much heralded fillings in her products !

It promises to be a great show with the cast and crew and orchestra having been working hard since the beginning of the year. We know how much the students value having parents and friends in the audience so please come along and support us all if you can.

Ticket purchases can be made via Parent mail, in cash, or by calling the school and purchasing tickets over the phone.