In October Ofsted visited our school and concluded that Oriel was a very good school, with many excellent areas of work.  The lead inspector noted that leaders were reflective and have worked hard on curriculum plans and that they are reviewed well.  The curriculum offer is well considered and it is broad for as long as possible.  The school offers a 3-year Key stage 3 and this is very good; inspectors felt it was particularly impressive for students to study 2 languages throughout year 7,8 and 9..  Overall our curriculum model is very good.

Ofsted were impressed with the school’s emphasis on using research, with leaders weaving them well into their plans. With regard to our staff they told us that they feel valued and looked after.  The lead inspector also said It is a testament to the school that it values and invests in new teacher training.  Staffing is stable in these difficult recruitment times.  The school has a good philosophy in this area.

Sixth Form students are well supported  and Ofsted saw clear evidence of this.  It was remarked by one of the inspectors that a lot is expected of them and they rise to the challenge.  It was seen that sixth form students are making progress.  With regard to behaviour in the school it was highlighted that students are polite and proud of their school and learning well; attitudes are positive, students are respectful and there are high levels of engagement.  There are good relationships between students and staff and students enjoy their learning. The school building is well cared for. Students show respect for their environment.

In terms of enrichment and extra-curricular activities high quality provision is offered at Oriel, from clubs, trips, sports, the arts, school productions, activities week. There is a great offer and students want to be involved in it.  Students love their learning communities and love the competition.  When discussing our school with our students Ofsted asked them (students) if they could sum up Oriel!  “OHS is warming. It makes me feel warm and safe, makes me feel at home”; “challenging but feel at home”; also “calm, amazing, very safe, encouraging, everyone knows everyone else”.  It was clear that students get on well together and are proud of their school.