Letter from the Queen

Oriel High student Connor, wrote to the Queen to send his well wishes and to see if he would receive a response.

Connor was hopeful that he would receive a reply but knew The Queen was busy preparing for her upcoming Platinum Jubilee. The arrival of the letter caused a buzz of excitement among Connor, fellow students, and staff at the school.  The student was delighted to receive a letter from Buckingham Palace, with a message from the Queen and an official stamp. The letter is now proudly displayed on Connor’s fridge.

Pastoral Coordinator at Oriel Justine Taylor said “We are all very proud of Connor for taking the time to write a letter to the Queen in his own time after school with us. “We are all delighted, especially Connor himself with her Majesty’s response. Connor will have this commemorative keepsake to cherish for many years to come.” Connor said “I was so excited to receive a reply from the Queen, I almost cried. I can’t wait to celebrate the jubilee now.”