GCSE Art trip to Wakehurst

Team Y10 GCSE Art had a fab trip to Wakehurst Place last week to explore seed pods! From the amazing seed bank, seeing their huge variety, shapes & sizes to then having the chance to draw the seeds in beautiful microscopic detail this was a real Art meets Science experience.

Below is a review by one of our students:

On Monday 20th November, we went on a trip to Wakehurst to explore seed pods. We started our trip in the seed bank learning about the seeds and why we need to keep them safe. For example, 97% of wildflowers fields have been cut down! As well as learning what they form and how we use them today.

Throughout the enormous room there were many dried seed pods that we could look at and hold, even the world’s largest seed (coco de mer) and the smallest (the orchids) it was fascinating how seeds could come in so many shapes and sizes. It’s nice to focus on the science behind what we draw as well as what it looks like.

Next, we learned about varieties of palm and eucalyptus trees from Australia whilst on a rock trail. It was amazing to see some trees that seemed to be growing out of the rocks. Due to the rain the wood looked like chocolate! The leaves on the trail looked like something out of a fairy tale with a rich palette of vibrant tertiary colours.

Once we arrived at our next stop, we selected a seed in one of the petri dishes and sketched it in fine liner – I chose dandelion seeds. Next, we put our dish under a microscope, and I saw the dandelion seeds in so much more detail. It was crazy how to the naked eye the line may look straight but in reality; it actually has a lot of texture. All in all, it was a fabulous and informative experience.