Subject Leader

Mrs M Sayfoo –

Teaching Staff

Mrs C Carter –

Mr B Povey –

A Level Economics

Over the two years of the Edexcel Economics A linear course, you will study two different components, and will be assessed in the following way:


  1. Nature of economics: scarcity and choice
  2. How markets work
  3. Market failure and government intervention
  4. Business growth and objectives
  5. Revenues, costs and profits
  6. Market structures
  7. Labour market and government intervention


  1. Measures of economic performance
  2. Aggregate demand and aggregate supply
  3. Macroeconomic objectives and policy
  4. The global context
  5. Poverty and inequality
  6. Emerging and developing economies
  7. The financial sector

The course is fully examination based and students will sit 3 papers at the end of the two year course. You can find more information on the Pearson website: