ChickenWIRED Workshop

Oriel students enjoyed the challenging and absorbing craft of wire sculpture. Learning and developing 3D sculpture skills recently. Using just a pair of wire clippers, a pair of bent-nosed pliers and finger-friendly PVC coated chickenwire, the ChickenWIRED workshops offer students a practical, challenging and thoroughly enjoyable art day, creating their own 3D sculpture. The workshop offered was practically based and encouraged each student to create their own sculpture, following the process from start to finish. This ensured that all students were continually busy and participated throughout the workshop.
The opportunity to offer this half day workshop to year 7 and 8 students was seized upon by Mrs Jordan in our Youth Wing. She said “the students had a great time participating in the activity. It is brilliant to be able to plan and provide these types of activities again to students”.
The school has more plans to utilise the skills of external providers in arts, music and sports before the end of the academic year. Deputy Headteacher Miss Everitt stated “extra curricular activities and opportunities to get students out of the classroom learning are key for us this term.  Families have told us that they want their children to participate in these type of activities as lockdowns have curtailed all these type of experiences”.